Where can I find a gay history walking tour of New Orleans?

Visitors and locals alike can get a glimpse at New Orleans’ rich and colorful history from a number of gay history walking tours located in and around the French Quarter.

Gay New Orleans Walking Tour led by Frank Perez
Tours depart daily at 5:30 PM and by appointment from 638 St. Ann Street. Cost is $25 per person. This tour is a two-hour interactive exploration of New Orleans gay history along with information on the current LGBT culture of the city. Frank will tell you all about the origins of Southern Decadence, the evolution of gay carnival, and the story of the tragic Upstairs Lounge Fire. You will have the chance to visit watering holes of Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote, and to speculate on a gay twist to the JFK assassination. Frank Perez is the author of In Exile, a book on the history of gay life in New Orleans. Please call 504-568-0717 to reserve your spot in a tour.

Roberts Batson’s Gay Heritage Tour
By appointment only, call 504-945-6789 or email nolaroberts@aol.com
$20 per person
Departs from 909 Bourbon
A French Quarter walking tour that showcases New Orleans’ unique LGBT history and culture — the events and personalities that shaped an era: the Clay Shaw trial (misrepresented in the film JFK), the tragic Upstairs Lounge fire, cross dressing: Mardi Gras, DecaFest and Southern Decadence, the historic role of gay bars, the Gay Liberation Front, the Anita Bryant protest, the specific contributions of lesbians, plus Tennessee Williams — Ellen DeGeneres – Truman Capote – Frances Benjamin Johnston.

Roberts Batson is a celebrated historian of New Orleans’ gay culture and founder and president of the Bienville Foundation.

“To understand the role New Orleans played in gay history, Roberts Batson is the man to see. An engaging guide with theatrical flair, Batson takes charges through a two-and-a-half hour walk, spinning poignant and hilarious tales. It’s great entertainment, but scrupulous research also puts plenty of terra firma beneath the froth.” — The Travel Channel

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The Twirl, a Gay Heritage and Drinks Tour by G L-f de Villieres
Saturdays at 3:00pm, or by appointment.
Little Vic’s 719 Toulouse Street Fare: $30 Reservations required.
History of Gay New Orleans, Cocktails Optional.
From Leaves of Grass to Interview with a Vampire, from Lee to Lee Harvey, Gertrude to Ellen; Billy and Bill, Truman and Rex; Tennessee, Cafe Lafitte in Exile, and Miss Dixie, New Orleans has much to boast of when it comes to la vie en rose! Bring a friend or meet someone. We’ll end the tour at Good Friends Bar.

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