Our Community Partners

We value each one of our community partners- these are the groups that meet regularly at the Center or partner with us through fiscal sponsorship. They are the epitome the Center’s value “Nothing About Us Without Us”, as each group is led by members of the community it serves. There are no top-down decisions being made by the board or staff, each group is independent and autonomous.

Groups range from 15 to 150 members and cover topics from sports and games to academic discussion and social meet-ups.

Some of our current community partners are:

  • LOUD Queer Youth Theater
  • Queer Former Fundies (former members of fundamentalist religions)
  • NOLA Gaymers
  • Blaq Ballet
  • Stonewall Sports- Kickball, Volleyball, and Dodgeball
  • Black Gay Intellectuals United
  • Brotherhood, Inc. & The Dollhouse
  • Queer Feminist book club
  • BBQ: Black, Brown & Queer

In striving to live up to our values, especially embracing an intersectional feminist approach, we prioritize partnering with groups led by people of multiply marginalized identities. Over 50% of our community partners are led by people of color and over 75% are led by women and people of trans experience.