A Casting Call

A Casting Call

The LGBT Community Center of New Orleans is looking forward to the future, but we need you to help shape that. The LGBT Community Center is recruiting new leadership: a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as a new board of directors to lead the charge to help shape the vision of the Community Center and change the destiny for the underserved.

For the Community Center to succeed, it needs those with the knowledge and experience of putting together an organization from the ground up. Candidates must possess the ability to work through challenges with others with differing ideologies and life experiences; a community that divides itself is a community that weakens itself.

In addition to management experience, additional needs include those who have the ability to manage and run LGBT-centric event programming, raise funds, and have the strength to care.
We are asking all folks who have benefited from the center or donated to the center to consider joining the board in an official capacity. We will be requiring fiscal beneficiaries to send a representative to attend quarterly meetings.

It is imperative that interested parties respond quickly, because without support from you, there will no longer be a community center.

Please contact us at info AT lgbtccneworleans.org if you are interested.


Michael Fletcher, Treasurer
Santos Rodriguez, Vice President, acting President
Syr’ia Jackson, Board Member
Sable Switch, Board Member
David Armstead, Board Member