Volunteer Training Opportunity

Volunteer Training Opportunity

We are excited to inform you that we have volunteer training opportunities scheduled at the Center coming up in a few weeks.

Each time slot will be limited to 20 people so please fill out the form ASAP to select your most available date/time.

We have scheduled volunteer training for the following times listed below:

June 17th
2:00p – 3:30p

June 20th
11:30a – 1:00p
6:00p – 7:30p

This training is 1 of 2 sessions that you need to attend in order to volunteer for the Center. The second session will include more specialized information based on the role you are interested in and you will be matched with a volunteer coordinator.

If you are still interested in being a volunteer for the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans, please fill out the form by clicking on the link to secure your spot for the time slot works best for you.

If you have any question, please email us through the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans website. Thanks so much for your time and interest in helping keep the Center a necessary part of our community!


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